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“Scenarios From An Expert”

Well in today's episode of "Scenarios from an Expert" I am going to talk about what it's like to work around "Experts", CCIE Voice "Experts" to be exact.

As most of you know (well the 3 of you that actually read the blog), I have moved on from my former employer and I am now working for a different company. This company is a Cisco Gold Partner with a Master Unified Communications Partner designation as well from Cisco. Once again I am surrounded by those people; what people you ask? Those people! Yep you guessed it, CCIE's! 2 CCIE Voice guys and 1 CCIE R&S guy who is also studying for his CCIE Voice.

At my last gig, my cube was in "CCIE Alley". There were 4 cubes in my area and 3 of the 4 cubes were occupied by those people. Yep CCIE's.

Well I did something here on the new job that I am wondering if it was a bright idea. I asked one of the CCIE Voice guys to "HELP" me come up with scenarios to try and work through. Why am I rethinking that idea you ask? Well every day that I see these guys I am riddled with off the wall trick questions that are designed to make me believe that rookie hazing really does exist.

"Hey rook, u have two sites, SiteA and SiteB. They're region settings are configured for g.729. Which site needs the transcoder?"

Hmmm, what transcoder? There must be more to the question like, there's a conference bridge in the mix or something like that. So what does the rook say?

"Based upon the brevity of the question, you do not need a transcoder."

Yaayyy score one for the rookie.

Oops spoke too fast. After a "yep you're right" and a slick grin I get..."now during your lab session this weekend figure this out!"

This phone has this and that phone has that and they are registered to this but when this happens they need to keep doing this, oh and make sure that works too along with this, oh and before I forget, if this works with that this way, how does it work with this if that is not working?

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